Delicious Gluten Free Pancakes

Since cutting gluten from your diet you may be, like so many of us, longing for the buttery delicious smell of weekend morning pancakes filling your home and those savory sweet treats filling your belly. Some recipes leave us wanting for more, as they seem to  translate “Gluten-free” as taste-free or satisfaction-free, so I wanted to share this wonderful and simple recipe for these DELICIOUS gluten free pancakes. Who DOESN’T love pancakes, after all?


First things, first; if you haven’t discovered Namaste Foods’ Perfect Flour Blend, it’s time you were introduced.  Namaste’s Perfect flour and their other blends are made with no wheat, gluten, corn, soy, potato, dairy, casein, tree nuts or peanuts, in a dedicated allergen-free facility which means they are PERFECT for anyone with food sensitivities.

For these delicious Gluten Free Pancakes,You will need:

1 cup of Namaste Perfect Blend (or other gluten free flour)
1 cup of ground organic steel-cut oats*
2 Eggs
2 TBSP Sugar
2 Tsp Baking Powder
Milk, as needed


*Flaxseed, Whole Oats, Almond Meal, or Hemp Hearts can all be substituted for oats

I also added 1/4 extra tsp of baking powder, 1 tsp vanilla extract, and 1 TBSP of Coconut Oil to mine.

Preheat your griddle to 325*

Pour Flour into Large 2+ cup Measuring Cup

Add the other Items (Oats, Almond Meal, etc) till you reach the 2 Cup Mark

Transfer to a large mixing bowl and add the eggs, sugar, baking powder, Vanilla, and Coconut Oil. Add milk to thin the mix enough to pour well, but don’t overdo it if you like them fluffy! The consistency will be a bit thick and chunky if you are using oats.

Pour your batter onto the griddle making 1/4 cup rounds, and brown each side.


Voila! Beautiful, Delicious, Gluten FREE Pancakes!

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and this wonderful blog for the original recipe:

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