Gluten-Free on the Go


Being gluten-free while you’re on the go can be a REAL challenge, especially if you are away from home and have forgotten to pack some snacks. One day, I found myself in this predicament while I was running some errands and began searching for something quick and easy. My options were limited between the Safeway and Fred Meyer. Safeway was definitely OUT for gluten free, so I made my way to the Fred Meyer Deli and perused their ready-made Meals.

wraps 1

To my HAPPY surprise I came across the most wonderful wraps! Turns out, Fred Meyer has a sushi concession where they make these great veggie wraps in ‘tapioca papers’ (A PALEO FOOD!).


20151004_130821 - Copy (2)

These wraps are exactly what I needed in a pinch. Freshly made and readily available, they’re perfect for everyone. Plus, they’re packed with the vitamins and minerals our bodies need in order to recharge.sushi

They are also SO delicious with this spicy horseradish sauce drizzled over them. YUM!

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