My Journey into Paleo Eating…

Paleo…. What is it? What does it mean? What do we eat? How do we feel when we eat this way?…All these questions I will answer over the life of my blog including  some really good information I have gathered from the internet  about Paleo and healthy eating.

I will post some of the really fabulous recipes  I have found and tested,  along with many recipes I have created myself.

I will share some tips and tricks for eating well when we find ourselves getting  too busy  to keep up our healthy lifestyle..

I look forward to sharing my journey and if I encourage someone  to begin their journey to better health , that’s a bonus.

A little about my aha moment….

At the beginning  of 2015 I was finally in the frame of mind to get back to the weight and energy of what I felt were my best years – my 40’s.

Mother had recently started seeing a new chiropractor who also practiced Active Release Therapy at a local sports rehab clinic.   I asked her new doctor – Dr. Katie Horton – if she would be interested in helping me with a total body makeover.  Little did we know she and her husband (also a Doctor) were leaving this office to start their own practice in White River WA on the Columbia River.

She seemed a little hesitant to work with me long term,  but suggested both mother and I do the de-tox/weight loss program  she did twice each year for her clients – 12 pounds in 21 days.  I thought “sure, why  not” – I really trusted Dr. Katie (very sporty, athletic and super healthy looking) and so I began my detox  in February – right around the 1st.

In the next 3 months I lost 32 pounds and began to experience healthiest eating in my whole life!To this day, I am completely committed to eating the Paleo way.

A few things I observed about myself, at the beginning and over the first few weeks of my Paleo adventure:

1) I needed to be 110% mentally committed and have the desire  –  to do this. Isn’t that the biggest step – waiting for that aha moment when you can say to yourself  “no more” and mean it…

2) If you can make it through the first and second week, your body will naturally adjust to what is best for you. You will level off on the amounts of sugars and carbohydrates you consume and then it gets easier. And don’t sweat a little snack here or there. It’s not a criminal offense, but rather keeping it real for the long run

3) I focused on building new habits for a healthier lifestyle rather than quick weight loss.

4) Starting out, make lists of your favorite healthy foods and keep them stocked up , cleaned and read to go. Also, don’t try to buy out the entire health food store – make sure you have your favorite foods available for snacks or when you get hungry all of a sudden.

5)  Lots of water, and really…really… 6 small meals a day.

5)  Random thought … if you can’t find the perfect day to start – try Sunday night. It’s like a head start on the week…

Bon Appetit

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