My favorite soup

From a recipe given to me by Dr. Katie Horton – we have made many batches of this flavorful Sweet potato red lentil soup. I made adjustments to the recipe and make a double batch as it freezes well. We ate it as a hot soup all summer even though it was 90 most days. When it’s fall, all cold and blustery,  it will be sooo good to warm up for lunch or dinner.

When I double the batch I roast half the sweet potatoes, onions and carrots in the oven to add a nice caramelized flavor. I then add it to pot at the same time the lentils and soup stock are added. Everything else is the same except I make up a batch of Emeril’s bayou blast (without salt) and use that for my seasonings. I really like it and it is basically the same seasonings called for – it’s just more convenient. Here are a couple pictures of my sweet potato red lentil  soup.

cooking the sweet potatoes and vegetables in the organic chicken stock


pureed in the Cuisinart

with a little sprig of parsley
with a little sprig of parsley
ready to freeze
ready to freeze

sweet potato lentil headerlink: Sweet potato red lentil soup

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